Community Relations Committee


Co-Chair: Joyce Bedine
Co-Chair: Andrew Hahn
Staff: Noah Mitchel, Assistant Director of Community Relations


The Community Relations Committee is comprised of BJC members of various ages, professions and backgrounds. The group meets at least four times per year to discuss outreach efforts, evaluate opportunities for sponsorship or co-sponsorship of local events, execute program planning, and strategize group priorities.


The committee was launched in autumn of 2016 to respond to changing needs in the community. For several years, the Baltimore Jewish Council housed 5-10 separate community relations groups, each with their own chairs and membership. Each one corresponded to a specific interfaith or inter-ethnic partnership in the community, such as Jewish-Hispanic dialogue or Jewish-Christian dialogue. Our movement from these specific and separated groups to a joint Community Relations Committee acknowledges the complexity and intersection of religious and ethnic identities and the overlapping needs of all Baltimoreans. The committee's goals include:


  • Strengthen relationships with leaders in Baltimore area and Maryland faith and ethnic communities

  • Support efforts of local churches, mosques and community groups when there is overlap with BJC mission

  • Perform outreach to community members of faith and ethnic groups across Baltimore region

  • Address current events/regional issues affecting multiple faith or ethnic groups in Baltimore area

  • Build stronger participation in external relations efforts among the BJC lay leadership and greater Jewish community

  • Help grow deeper understanding of the Jewish community & our values


We hope that you will join us in our efforts to achieve these goals. If you would like to get involved, or have a suggested speaker, topic or event for the committee, please contact Noah Mitchel, Assistant Director of Community Relations.

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