The Baltimore Jewish Council is the political and community relations arm of The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore and its agencies. The BJC is located in the heart of the Baltimore Jewish community on Park Heights Avenue. It was founded in 1939 primarily to assist European Jewry and to combat antisemitism on a global and local basis. The Council represents Jewish organizations and congregations in the Greater Baltimore area and throughout Maryland on social, political and humanitarian issues affecting Jews locally, nationally and worldwide.

The Baltimore Jewish Council constitutes 50 member organizations and synagogues and is composed of commissions, committees, and tasks forces.

Government Relations Commission is responsible for monitoring and adopting positions on federal, state and local legislation through a consensus driven process. It serves as a vehicle for developing public policy positions.

Our Holocaust Remembrance Commission is devoted to honoring and remembering the six million Jews who perished at the hands of the Nazis. The commission works to educate those in the Greater Baltimore community about the Shoah through a variety of workshops and special programs, such as the annual community-wide Yom HaShoah commemoration.

Community Relations is central to BJC’s mission, which states we must build relationships and mutual understanding with ethnic, racial and religious groups across Maryland. We achieve this through interfaith and inter-ethnic dialogues, community coalitions and community-wide events.

Every other year, a new class of Leadership Development Program participants meet with government officials and community leaders who address local, national and international issues. The group develops an understanding of all aspects of Jewish community relations and public affairs, along with key leadership skills.

The Baltimore Jewish Council, through it Israel Advocacy and Awareness Programs, educates, informs and raises awareness about Israel in Baltimore. The Council also mobilizes the community to take action for Israel.

Congressman Elijah Cummings partnered with the BJC to create the Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel (ECYP). It is a unique two-year leadership development program created to provide high school students from Maryland’s 7th Congressional District an opportunity to learn democratic values, develop multi-ethnic and interfaith relationships, experience the Jewish State, and develop and enhance their leadership skills to better their communities. Since its birth in 1998, over 200 students have completed the program.


The mission of the Baltimore Jewish Council is to:

  • Foster cooperation and understanding within the Jewish community

  • Build relationships and mutual understanding with ethnic, racial, and religious groups across Maryland

  • Advocate at all levels of government for social justice and public resources on issues of concern to the Jewish community

  • Through education and action, promote strong support for Israel and the Jewish people at home and throughout the world


The Baltimore Jewish Council was founded in 1939 in response to growing anti-Semitism in Europe. Locally, the BJC is a member agency of THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. Nationally, the BJC is a member of Jewish Council for Public Affairs. The Council advocates for Baltimore’s organized Jewish community on a variety of social, political and humanitarian issues affecting Jews locally, nationally and worldwide. BJC promotes strong support for the security and safety of the State of Israel, calls for freedom and human rights for the Global Jewish Family, organizes communal programs on the Shoah and builds bridges with other ethnic and religious groups in the community. Finally, the BJC advocates for civil rights and stands against anti-Semitism and prejudice, pursuing social policies that enhance the quality of life for all.