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May 8
6:00 -8:00 p.m.
Beth El Congregation
Myers Auditorium

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In honor of both Jewish American and Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage months, hear Amy Albertson speak on her experiences as a Chinese-American Jewish woman.

Amy Albertson is a Jewish advocate and educator. Using her presence online, through workshops and other educational avenues, Amy empowers young Jews to be proud of their identities both online and off.

Amy catalogued her experience living in Israel for 6 years as the “Asian Israeli,” where she explored the intersections of her identity as a Chinese-American-Jewish woman living in Israel.

Today, Amy is a Tel Aviv Institute Associate, Consultant for At The Well, and a Board Member of B’Chol Lashon.

For additional information, contact Megan Brantley at mbrantley@baltjc.org


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