The Holocaust Remembrance Commission provides teachers with a variety of resources to help them teach about the Holocaust.


Poster Sets

Poster sets are available on a variety of Holocaust themes which chronicle life before, during and after the Holocaust and are offered to educators for temporary use free of charge.


Resource Trunks

Resource trunks are available that contain a variety of learning materials on the Holocaust including books, maps, posters, study guides and videos. Teachers may use these trunks for 4-6 weeks at no charge.


Teacher-Training Workshops

A primary charge of the Baltimore Jewish Council (BJC) is to organize teacher-training workshops for public, private and parochial school teachers in order to promote effective Holocaust education throughout the state of Maryland.


The BJC, in collaboration with The Jewish Museum of Maryland, offers its services to arrange workshops both locally and at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Both historical topics and pedagogy are covered in these training sessions. We encourage schools to contact BJC or JMM to help provide their teachers with the necessary tools to teach their students about the Holocaust.


Our workshops represent a serious and on-going effort to present educators with factual information including scholarly research on the basic history of the Shoah, methodology for effective teaching of the Holocaust, and resources for classroom teachers.



To receive a free copy of Survivors Among Us, please contact Jeanette Parmigiani at (410) 542-4850.



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